What is a natural method of pest control?

Natural pest control refers to pest control methods that are based on natural remedies (without chemicals). From essential oils to fly traps and food-grade diatomaceous earth, several natural elements can help control the pest population. These solutions are generally safe for pets and young children and are non-toxic. Espinosad is a form of bacteria that naturally kills insects in your garden without risking spreading to other nearby wild animals.

Spray it directly onto the plants and watch insect populations decrease. Home pest inspection companies can apply it for you and advise you on how to spray spinosad on edible plants to prevent diseases. Remember that the best pest control is managed by professionals, who can perform a thorough home inspection in Atlanta, GA, and recommend the most appropriate organic method of pest control. What is clear is that, while many natural methods of pest control work in one way or another, to really solve the problem it is necessary to hire a pest control professional.

If you contact a green pest control company for a home inspection in Atlanta, Georgia, they can recommend and perform natural pest control aimed at the needs of your property and the most vulnerable areas. An effective natural insect repellent, mix one part garlic juice with five parts water in a small spray bottle. Planting marigolds around the garden works as a natural insect repellent because the flowers give off a fragrance that flying insects and flying insects don't like. The commercially available all-natural garlic-based mosquito repellent and larva remover will repel mosquitoes for up to four weeks.

It contains natural citronella oil, which is safe and effective; in fact, lemongrass citronella is considered more effective than true citronella as an insect repellent. By creating barriers with natural ingredients, you keep pests where they belong and keep your home and garden spotless. They can also review them frequently to determine which methods are most effective and reapply natural pesticides when needed.

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